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Professional Legal Representation

Call Lance D. Fitzjarrald for sound legal advice. Whether you need to plan for the future or plan a defense, Lance D. Fitzjarrald is prepared to fight for your rights.

Criminal Defense

Let Lance D. Fitzjarrald’s experience from years of prosecuting for the State and years of defending cases against the State work for you. Lance D. Fitzjarrald knows the system. Lance D. Fitzjarrald can help you at any and every stage of the process – police interviews, pre-filing, arraignment, pretrial, trial, and appeals.

Traffic Infractions

Don’t delay, notify the court and demand a contested hearing and then call Lance D. Fitzjarrald. That speeding ticket is worth fighting and the State needs to prove their case. They often can’t. Call Lance D. Fitzjarrald for options.

Litigation & Planning

Lance D. Fitzjarrald is a litigator. Successful litigation takes planning and avoiding litigation is the best planning. If you are facing litigation or ready to sue for damages call Lance D. Fitzjarrald.

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  • Experienced and Professional Lawyer
  • I Offer Fair and Honest Legal Services
  • I Provide Effective Representation at Competitive Rates

Have an Experienced Lawyer on Your Side

Protect your legal rights by having an expert attorney on your side. If you are accused of a criminal offense or traffic violation, turn to the law office of Lance D. Fitzjarrald. Discuss your situation with Lance today. Contact (509) 637-0471 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to handling your case.
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